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Hannah Berson

Hannah is the founder and CEO of SALT Collaboratory, a Collaborative Intelligence company that uses Design Thinking to elevate client alignment, engagement and productivity within and across teams. Her work helps clients develop deeper insights into problem spaces and create more innovative solutions to their prioritized challenges.

As a MURAL Playmaker and LUMA Certified Instructor, Hannah fluently designs and delivers high impact facilitated sessions across her portfolio of healthcare, real estate, financial services, non-profit, and manufacturing clients. The diversity of her clients is evidence of the universal need for Design Thinking across industries and sectors.

Prior to SALT Collaboratory, Hannah held senior positions at consultancies Kearney and Cap Gemini Ernst and Young (CGEY) in London and Point B in Seattle.

Hannah has a CFA, an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



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