Essential Alliance


What Is in it for YOU?

Some of the primary “benefits” include…..

Monthly Access to Proposal Requests from C-Suite Decision Makers & Buyers

Currently,Unstoppable Performance Leaders (UPL) is managing approximately 500 plus Corporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion proposal requests that are being forwarded to the Essential Alliance Members as soon as they are registering. These proposals are from all industries & start at $15k to $100K plus each & thus once converted we are expecting will be millions of dollars in value. Together these proposals could represent millions of dollars in contracts.


Invitations to Solution/Industry Specific Discovery Call with Corporate Buyers

Every month you will have an opportunity to (on a first come first served basis) attend, 4 Qualified Discovery calls set up by our sister company Unstoppable Performance Leaders, which sources solutions such as yours for our corporate clients. These calls are, for proposals valued at $35K plus or more already qualified from MQL to SQL


Listing on Unstoppable Performance Leaders' Resource Hub Directory

Your solutions & services matter. Showcase it to the C-Suite Decision Makers who need it the most. Unstoppable Performance Leaders has 85,000 + & growing Fortune Ranking Corporate Buyers & Decision Makers. And many of them are looking for the right partner, solution & service through the year & specially during Budget season which is now! Just DE&I revenue in US is projected to hit US$15.4billion by 2026.


Promote your brand on 'Showcase' & 'Featured Solutions'

Promote your brand on our specialized & regularly promoted ‘Showcase‘ & ‘Featured Solutions‘ sections.


50% off On Signature Client Acquisition BluePrint Program from Unstoppable Global Consultants

Customized Business Development Program version known as Client Acquisition BluePrint (Advisory & Execution) Program

Signature Go to Market Training Program

Signature ‘Business Performance Acceleration (Go-To-Market)‘ Program (a value of $15K USD) is included in the program.

Weekly Market Intelligence Update

Emails, newsletters, discovery calls etc. related to which organizations are looking to implement solutions & services within the next 3 months, in your area of expertise


Network Opportunity with Buyers & Decision Makers through Corporate Webinars

You will be invited to attend & network at 4 webinars, one each quarter starting 2023; where ENGAGED Buyers & Decision Makers in your target audience & members of Unstoppable Resource Hub will be attending


Alliance Partner Directory​

This will allow you to pass on referrals, receive referrals, collaborate with your peers and learn & mentor each other


Your Investment Options*

1 Year Essential Ally



/ Year

2 Year Essential Ally



/ Year

3 Year Essential Ally



/ Year
*We have been there-done that, and "not having the money" never stops those who are Unstoppable. We understand the financial challenges an entrepreneur faces. If you are someone dealing with the same challenge that hundreds of entrepreneurs are dealing with -but you are highly motivated & TRUST that this can make the difference for you—please send us an email at to see if you qualify for the Collaborative Essential Ally option, we have for a few exceptional people.